Our Story - Told By Mavis

As a Technical Program Manager with over 10 years of experience in both government and commercial jobs, I knew firsthand the challenges of building and managing successful projects. I excelled in my work and gained extensive experience in project and program management, recruiting, hiring, onboarding, cloud migration, software development, and Microsoft 365 suite.

However, I found myself increasingly dissatisfied with the limitations of traditional employment. I hated being told how much I could earn, when I could get a raise, and when I could take time off. I wanted the freedom to manage my own schedule, make my own decisions, and pursue my passion for project and program management on my own terms.

At the same time, I saw a gap in the industry for female-led companies. I knew that by creating my own business, I could not only achieve my personal goals but also contribute to building a more inclusive and diverse business community.

So, I took the leap and founded Avi Professional Services, my own professional staffing and consulting firm. With my extensive experience and expertise, I was confident that I could provide top-notch recruitment services, staffing solutions, IT staffing, consulting, and project services to clients. I also offered professional resume services to job seekers to help them stand out in a competitive job market.

As my business grew, I continued to prioritize my commitment to promoting female leadership and diversity in the industry. I handpicked the best staff for each project and provided customized solutions that met the specific needs of each client. My dedication to excellence, inclusivity, and entrepreneurship set me apart and made my business a success.

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